Basic Info Edit


How he looked before Merging With Zekrom

UnDelta is an ordinary Sinfee that's been consumed by Dank Memer. He can use raw meat to his disadvantage. He's pretty aggressive and wants to hurt Colgate, especially if he's pissed on. He can't become KFC if his enemies are in a Nintendo GameCube and becomes Mega Man. He dies with the glitches from space to space. Even though he's a Wolf, he can use a variety of different cancers, such as...

  • Leaf Colgate
  • Dark Vagina Void
  • Shadow The Hedgehog
  • ThunderStroke
  • LeviationoitaiveL
  • Telephone

The Nuke Edit

Charizard, while using his Megan, has defeated an old Truegee named Colgate. Charizard threatened to destroy Truegee's Megan and caused this bath to get clean teeth.

The Missing Number Edit



The Mars Bar is a grape Pokeegee joined before the Edgy. He's still drowning with Ben he tony...

Poker Edit

Deli once had sex with Reshiram and beat his dick, he later was pregnant and had children.

Ash Ketchup now searches for their children and the chance to rape them.

The Wig Edit

After his merging with Zekrom, Deltikrom eventually absorbed all the other Weegeemon since he was now starving.



Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Edit

Delirum, during the Firefox Page sage, scaled the United States and found a girl, deciding to take over her body and become her. She is now known as "Udeltiran"

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