Doesn't he remind you of SanicGee?

UnMalleo is the stepbrother of UnWeegee, and the son of UnFortran and Sandwich. When he says "Fire Fart'" he turns things into sasquatches, obviously! He also owns an onion. He is very kind and has destroyed hundreds of thousands of cities on different planets. He also has a cow. UnMalleo is one of the many people who have ogre forms or nicknamed form known as Shrektastic forms. UnMalleo was also later thrown into a 'Murican prison for losing an arm wrestling match to Drek, but then escaped. He was later stopping Wario from sucking the UnWeegeeverse up into his tornado fart, but later failed and was sucked into the fart. He was later saved by his younger brother UnWeegee and foiled the UnAngry Video Game Nerd's plans, even though he was actually fighting Wario. He also married Shrek's friend, Donkeh (wut?) and ate a lot of cheese. He also has a fart version of himself: Fart UnMalleo. UnMalleo has a biological brother named Waluigi that ran away because of being an uber at tennis matches.

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