UnSqueegee is one of UnSuteegee's yep. He was originally Wawaluigi, but after the Giga Fish Man incident, UnWeegee was in space. UnWeegee finally found him and he, along with UnMeegee went to his house while he was taking a dump.

He screamed so loud, he messed up the Weegee Virus and became UnSqueegee. He killed UnMeegee in the UnFakegee War with his mutated diarrhea. He can send others into a scary toilet. He loves to dump, He was completely killed by Nannerpuss when using his beam and UnSqeegee turned into WaGrandpa WaLemon, but after UnSqeegee possessed UnMalleo, he got revived again. UnSqeegee also has two different forms: Super UnSqeegee and Dark UnSqeegee. If they are somehow seperated into induvidual beings, the three can merge into Final UnSqeegee. UnSqeegee also has many other forms that he either did not use, or only used once.

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